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Maximizing Efficiency with Formstack: Expert Answers to Your Top Questions

Lacey Jackson
December 14, 2023
Min Read

Recently, we hosted an Ask Me Anything webinar where Formstack expert took audience questions and provided short demos showing how to use features and get the most out of your Formstack Forms account. We received dozens of questions from our enthusiastic audience. These ranged from managing smart lists and enhancing automated responses to creating document outputs and much more. We've compiled these questions and provided detailed answers to help you leverage Formstack for your business needs. Whether you're a new user or looking to optimize your Formstack experience, this post is packed with valuable insights.

I'm using the same list of names on a dropdown field across multiple forms. When somebody joins or leaves the organization, do I have to update this field on every form?

No, you don't have to update each form individually. Formstack provides a feature called Smart Lists that allows you to manage sets of data at the account level. By updating the Smart List, all forms using it will automatically reflect the changes. This feature is accessible via the 'Smart Lists' option in the top left of Formstack Forms. You can add or remove names, departments, or locations in the Smart List, and these updates will apply across all forms linked to that list.

How can we make our automated response when an application is submitted nicer?

To enhance automated responses, go to 'Form Settings' and then the 'Welcome and Submission Messages' section. You can customize the submission message with dynamic data from the form, using a what-you-see-is-what-you-get style editor. This editor allows for text formatting, images, links, tables, and HTML code for more advanced customizations. Additionally, Formstack Documents can be used to create and send more complex and visually appealing documents based on form submissions.

I want to fill a hidden field with the value that a user enters into a different field. How can this be achieved?

For this, you can use the Field Autofill plugin, which allows values from one field to be copied to another. Alternatively, if you need more customization, such as keeping the field hidden, you can use JavaScript in an embed code field to dynamically copy values from one field to another.

Is it possible to pre-fill Formstack forms with data I already have?

Yes, it is possible through Single Sign-On (SSO) pre-fill and URL query parameters. For SSO, set up prefill mappings to map user data from the identity provider to the form fields. For URL query parameters, build custom URLs that include the pre-filled data, which will populate the form fields when the URL is used.

I want to turn my form into a document output. What's the best way of doing that?

You can export your form to serve as a document template using Formstack Documents. In the Formstack Forms settings, under 'Integrations', add the Formstack Documents integration. You can either create a new document template using your form or map the form data to an existing template. Additionally, Formstack's Advanced PDF feature allows you to convert form submissions into PDF format directly.

Can you show examples of changing the layout of radio buttons with images?

To change the layout of radio buttons with images, edit the radio button field in your form. In the 'Advanced Options' editor, you can upload images for each radio button and set their size. Then, change the layout setting from vertical to horizontal to display the buttons across the screen.

I use multiple forms in succession and want to pipe data from one form to another. How can this be achieved?

You can chain forms together using the 'Submission Message' feature. Set up a redirect to the next form and append the submitted data to the URL. This method automatically populates the second form with data from the first. Alternatively, you can use Formstack's Copilot  feature to build a workflow that routes users from one form to another, prepopulating data as needed.

If a user might not complete a lengthy form in one sitting, how can I make it so they don't lose their progress?

Formstack provides a Save and Resume feature, which can be enabled under 'Form Extras'. This option allows users to save their progress and resume later. They can either save an encrypted URL or choose to email themselves a link to resume the form where they left off.

We've been struggling with form abandonment. What features would you recommend to help us improve our conversion rates?

Formstack's Conversion Kit offers tools like tracking partial submissions, identifying field bottlenecks, linking to Google Analytics, and campaign tracking. These features help in understanding form performance and user behavior, enabling targeted strategies to improve form completion rates.

Please show how to set up a feedback survey that users can complete after submitting a form.

To set up a post-submission feedback survey, create a separate survey form. You can then either redirect users to this survey upon form submission or send them a confirmation email with a link to the survey. Both methods can be configured in the 'Submission Message' and 'Emails and Actions' sections of your form settings.

Is there a way to move the 'Save and Resume Later' button to prevent user confusion?

Yes, you can move the button using CSS. Access the CSS editor in the 'Style' tab of your form builder and write custom CSS to adjust the button's position. If you're not familiar with CSS, Formstack's professional services team can assist.

Can you dynamically show and hide certain radio buttons and checkboxes based on conditional criteria?

This can be achieved using conditional logic within Formstack. Set up conditions based on user responses to show or hide specific radio buttons and checkboxes. For more complex scenarios, JavaScript can be used for dynamic control of options within a single field.

Can you format a form to fill the entire screen instead of the smaller defined width?

To adjust the form width, use CSS in the 'Style' tab. You can set the form width to a specific pixel amount or a percentage of the screen width, making it more responsive and filling the entire screen.

Is there a way to restrict multiple form submissions from the same person?

Yes, by marking a field (like an email or name field) as unique in the form settings. When the form is submitted with a value that already exists in the system for that field, Formstack will block the submission and display an error message.

How can I send my Formstack forms data to Salesforce?

You can integrate Formstack with Salesforce directly from the form settings. Authenticate with your Salesforce account, and then map form fields to Salesforce objects and fields. This integration allows for the creation or updating of Salesforce records based on form submissions.

What kind of analytics or reporting features does Formstack offer?

Formstack provides analytics through its conversion kit, including conversion metrics and field performance analysis. The submission table offers search and filtering capabilities, and the charts tab allows for trend analysis based on form responses. Additionally, integration with Google Analytics offers deeper insights.

When you use 'Save and Resume', is there a way to save uploaded documents?

Currently, the 'Save and Resume' feature in Formstack does not support saving uploaded documents. This is due to the functionality not capturing submissions until completion, which means it cannot reference or save uploaded files midway.

Formstack Forms is a versatile tool that can dramatically streamline your data management and form creation processes. As demonstrated in our webinar, it's equipped to handle a variety of complex scenarios, making it an indispensable asset for any business looking to optimize their online forms and data handling. With its smart features like Smart Lists, automated responses, and Salesforce integration, Formstack stands out as a comprehensive solution for your data capture needs.

Ready to take your Formstack skills to the next level? Contact sales to find out how Formstack can support your business case, or sign up for newsletter to get notified about our next Ask Me Anything webinar.


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Lacey Jackson
Lacey is a Product Marketing Manager at Formstack who is dedicated to creating content that showcases the power of the Formstack Platform. When she’s not creating Formstack Builders tutorials, she can be found reading, playing board games, or strolling with her dog. Lacey is a graduate of Franklin College.
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