Document Generation
Document Assembly

Automated document assembly

Simplify workflows of all shapes and sizes with Formstack’s easy-to-use document assembly software.

Create documents faster

No matter your department or industry, Formstack Documents can help you streamline the creation of countless documents—from proposals and applications to invoices and event tickets.

Put your document assembly on autopilot

Formstack’s document assembly software takes the hassle out of document preparation so you can meet customer needs faster and drive your business forward.
Access any document type
Access any document type

Formstack Documents won’t restrict you to a certain file type. Simply upload a premade document or build your own with our drag-and-drop builder.

Create sophisticated documents
Create sophisticated documents

Generate dynamic documents that use conditional logic, calculations, pictures, and more to create a more personalized and streamlined experience.

Set it and forget it
Set it and forget it

Automatically generate documents based on triggers such as the creation of new Salesforce records, changes in project status, or payment submission.

Access any document type
Merge your data seamlessly

Populate your documents with data from forms, Salesforce records, or another preferred data source that you can access through 150+ prebuilt connections or our open API.

Deliver your files anywhere
Deliver your files anywhere

Get documents delivered with the help of data routing and automated deliveries. . Attach files to emails, store them in the cloud, send them to Formstack Sign, and more.

Keep your documents secure
Keep your documents secure

Ensure your documents remain protected with powerful security features, including encryption, password protection, and HIPAA compliance.

Build seamless workflows in minutes

Formstack makes it easy to digitize any document process. Here’s an example of a workflow that can save your team time and improve the customer experience.

Melissa works in sales and wants to help her team overhaul their customer lifecycle process in Salesforce. Her team is struggling with paper documents and wants a way to automate the contract process when a deal is moved to closed/won.


The team is already using Formstack for Salesforce to capture new customer data and generate records in Salesforce. Melissa adds Formstack Documents to the mix so contracts will be automatically generated when a status is moved to closed/won.


After the contracts are generated, they are sent to customers for signature and attached to the appropriate Salesforce records after being signed. Melissa uses delayed deliveries to ensure only signed documents are sent back to Salesforce.


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