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Optimize your healthcare marketing automation efforts

Make smarter decisions with healthcare marketing automation tools that help you simplify workflows and turn more leads into long-term patients.

Meet patient expectations

Today, patients expect to be served through the digital space. With Formstack’s healthcare marketing automation tools, you can simplify tedious workflows, place more focus on your campaigns, and see more success.

Elevate your marketing

With our easy-to-use healthcare marketing automation tools, you can simplify workflows, improve patient engagement, and make smarter decisions.
Easy lead capture
Easy lead capture

Power your data collection with high-converting online forms that can be shared and completed on any device.

Conversion rate optimization
Conversion rate optimization

Test and evolve your campaigns with CRO tools that make it easy to pinpoint problem areas and make improvements.

Smart data insights
Smart data insights

Easily view and filter submissions to unlock patient insights, and share your findings in beautiful visual reports.

Easy lead capture
Seamless digital workflows

Use secure forms, documents, and eSignatures to securely process ePHI while automating workflows like patient registration, referrals, and more.

Secure data sharing
Secure data sharing

Safely share information across team members and departments with intuitive routing and logic tools.

Regulatory compliance
Regulatory compliance

Our forms, documents, and eSignatures are maintain critical security features that help your organization to maintain HIPAA compliance.

Turn more leads into long-term patients

Streamline processes, improve communication, minimize paper, and utilize powerful tools to make smart marketing decisions.

Convert more leads into patients with completely customizable forms.


Simplify referrals and improve communication between doctors and patients.


Automate document generation and easily stay on-brand.


Identify and resolve conversion issues along the patient journey.


Automate manual tasks, pleasing your back office, doctors, and patients.


Create patient surveys that lead to data-rich insights.

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