Patient Empowerment

Patient empowerment starts here

Create seamless, personalized experiences that meet each patient’s unique health needs.

Meet patient needs

Patients today expect clear communication and easy access to their health data. With Formstack, gathering data, generating documents, and collecting signatures is secure, simple, and fast so you can be more efficient and meet patient expectations.

Reimagine the patient journey

It’s never been easier to adopt interoperable practices that empower patients, exceed compliance standards, and improve patient experiences.
Streamlined workflows
Streamlined workflows

Create seamless registration and intake workflows powered by secure forms, documents, and eSignatures.

Patient data access
Patient data access

Easily embed new patient forms on your website, send care plans to specialists, and securely share data with patients.

Meaningful use
Meaningful use

Automate the collection of information not captured by your EHR without needing to switch between platforms.

Streamlined workflows
Back-office support

Avoid paper chases and keep your office organized by letting patients provide data and sign documents digitally.

Secure data routing
Secure data routing

Safely share patient information across people and departments with intuitive logic and routing tools.

Regulatory compliance
Regulatory compliance

Our forms, documents, and signatures are HIPAA compliant so you can collect and manage patient data safely.


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