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Collect insights with patient satisfaction surveys

Use beautifully branded surveys to collect patient feedback after appointments and discover ways to improve the patient experience.

The importance of patient satisfaction surveys in healthcare

A well-designed patient satisfaction survey can help you determine if you're meeting patient expectations. Use online surveys to quickly collect data on what aspects of care, like provider approachability, cost, or convenience, need to be improved. Formstack can help you create seamless satisfaction surveys for physician offices, hospitals, care practices, and more. Safely collect feedback online and calculate patient satisfaction scores without needing to do any manual data entry.

Make collecting patient feedback easy

Access powerful survey tools inside an easy-to-use platform. Build secure patient surveys without needing to do any manual data entry or coding.
Build surveys quickly
Build surveys quickly

Use premade templates or our drag-and-drop form builder to create patient surveys in minutes.

Stay HIPAA compliant
Stay HIPAA compliant

Safely collect, store, and export patient data across any device. Our HIPAA security tools include advanced encryption, permissions, and more.

Streamline communication
Streamline communication

Group and share patient forms and surveys in a centralized hub. Easily track completion rates, identify communication bottlenecks, and send email reminders.

Build surveys quickly
Improve survey conversions

Use powerful conversion tools, like A/B Testing, Partial Submissions, and Field Bottlenecks, to secure more survey submissions.

Only ask what matters
Only ask what matters

Avoid survey abandonment by using Conditional Logic to only show questions relevant to the survey taker.

Quickly resolve patient issues
Quickly resolve patient issues

Address negative feedback quickly with automated emails that route data to the right employee based on how patients answer particular questions.


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