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Elevate your higher education marketing efforts

Optimize campaigns, connect with more students, and boost enrollment numbers.

Meet student expectations

Students today have been shaped almost entirely by digital experiences. With Formstack, you can bring automation and personalization into your higher education marketing strategy to give students the convenient, engaging experiences they expect.

Drive better results

See more success with higher education lead generation tools that make it easy to streamline workflows, improve student engagement, and make smarter decisions.
Seamless lead capture
Seamless lead capture

Collect data from prospective students with high-converting online forms that can be completed on any device.

Streamlined workflows
Streamlined workflows

Use digital forms, documents, and eSignatures to automate student outreach, enrollment, virtual and in-person events, and more.

Conversion rate optimization
Conversion rate optimization

Test and evolve your higher education marketing campaigns with CRO tools that make it easy to pinpoint and optimize problem areas.

Seamless lead capture
Smart data insights

Easily view and filter submissions to unlock student insights, and share your findings in beautiful visual reports.

Easy data sharing
Easy data sharing

Share and collaborate on student information across managers and departments with intuitive logic and routing tools.

Powerful data security
Powerful data security

Protect student data with robust security features, including data encryption, SSL, reCAPTCHA, and several types of compliance.

Build streamlined student enrollment process workflows in minutes

With Formstack, you can create seamless digital experiences without needing to pull in IT. Create smooth processes that simplify work for your team and give prospective students a positive impression of your school.

After a successful virtual campus tour, a prospective student visits your university’s website and completes a mobile-friendly enrollment form.


The data they submit is automatically routed to staff in the admissions department for review. Once the student is approved, their information is used to generate personalized documents that need to be filled out before the beginning of the fall semester.


These documents are sent to the student via email through Formstack Sign. They are able to review and sign everything from the convenience of their mobile device.


Copies of the student’s signed documents are sent to the student, back to staff members for their records, and also stored in the university’s database for future reference.


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