Background Check Authorization Form

Streamline the hiring process with a digital authorization form that’s easy for new hires to fill out and submit.

Simplify your workflows

Before your organization can conduct background checks on potential employees, you’ll need to collect introductory information and consent. Use this template to quickly collect the right information and signatures. Simply add your company logo to create a legally compliant digital background check authorization form template. Then securely share submissions with the appropriate staff and third-party investigators—all without having to send a single email.

Secure sensitive data

Collect sensitive information, such as social security numbers and driver's licenses, without fear of a data breach. All Formstack templates come with options to add the highest levels of form security, including 256-bit SSL, data encryption, and PGP email encryption. Safely store and share employee data as part of the background check approval process.

Capture critical information

When getting permission to conduct a background check, there are several form fields you won’t want to overlook, such as previous names, addresses, and a checkbox with language to confirm your candidate understands what they’re agreeing to. This pre-built template already includes these fields and is able to be customized to meet any additional needs. With this template, you also have the option to collect digital signatures using Formstack Sign.

Optimize the experience

Want to know a huge benefit of using this background check authorization template? It’s already optimized for mobile! The background check authorization form template will automatically adapt to any device, letting new hires fill it out and hit “submit” as soon as they receive it. You can also use Conditional Logic to show only the form fields they need to see while hiding the ones they don’t.

Simplify your workflows

Say goodbye to time-consuming email threads with Formstack confirmations and notifications. You can automatically update hiring managers and other authorized staff when a new background check authorization form is received, and send confirmation emails so employees know what to expect next. For even more simplicity, have the data converted into a PDF file for easy reference.

Formstack saves us tons of time on data entry and analysis and makes it simple for us to see, use, and share data across departments.
Lindsay Anderson
Project Manager at National Geographic Society

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