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Grant Proposal Application Form Template

Grant Proposal Application Form Template

Add this template to your grant application process to automate your workflows and collect responses faster.

Simplify your workflows

Sorting through grant applications can be a long, drawn-out process. When applications come in, your team likely spends hours reaching out to different departments for the approvals they need. This grant proposal application form helps your team create a central location to share information, request approvals, collect signatures and automate document generation. With Formstack's workflows and various features, you can streamline, automate, and simplify your application process in minutes.

Send alerts

If your team struggles to stay on top of applications as they roll in, Formstack has many easy-to-use tools that can help. Add notification emails to your grant proposal application form to alert team members when applications are submitted. You'll never have to worry about missing another proposal.

Automate your communication

Several members of your staff may need to review and approve grant proposal application forms once they've been submitted. Use Formstack's Approvals tool to create a seamless review process for your team. Easily set up automated notifications and get applications in front of the right people.

Keep important records

Each year, your team reviews hundreds of applications. When you collect data with Formstack, you'll never have to worry about losing or misplacing your information. If an application is better suited for a future grant, you can easily find that submission data in Formstack's secure database when you need it.

Save for later

Give applicants the flexibility to complete applications at their leisure. Formstack's Save & Resume feature lets applicants start an application and complete it later if they hit a roadblock or need to research an answer. Respondents will have 30 days to finish via a direct link to their partially-completed form.

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