Vendor Application Template

Get new vendors and suppliers registered with your organization. No paper needed!

Simplify your workflows

Developing a long-term, mutually beneficial partnership with your vendors is essential to your organization's success. But managing vendor relationships and agreements can get messy fast. This new vendor application template can help you start off on the right foot. Use it to streamline your vendor approval process and give vendors an easy, paper-free way to register with your company.

Include your branding

Adding your branding to this vendor application template can help you make a good first impression. Easily include your logo and company colors without knowing a single line of CSS code. You can also tweak other form elements like fonts, spacing, buttons, and messaging to give your form just the right look.

Share anywhere

Have a dedicated landing page on your website for vendors? Embed this template on your page with other forms and resources so vendors and suppliers have one, handy spot to refer to for their registration needs. You can also share a form link via email or add the form to your social media pages as needed.

Connect to other apps

Formstack makes it easy to manage your data by integrating with dozens of popular apps. Send new vendor emails to your email marketing platform, organize registration information in spreadsheets, route contact data to your CRM, store completed registrations in your favorite cloud app, and much more.

Automate approvals

Keep your team informed of new vendor applications with instant email notifications. With the Approvals tool, you can set up a digital approvals process that lets managers and other department heads review new registrations directly in their email and approve or deny requests.

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