Work Permit Application Form

Expedite the Form I-765 submission process for applicants with this easy-to-use template.

Simplify your workflows

Applying for a U.S. work permit can be a stressful and frustrating experience. It takes the USCIS an average of 150 days to process work permits. During this time, many applicants are waiting anxiously for the chance to start supporting themselves or participate in educational programs. While you can't control the time it takes for applications to be approved, you can help applicants with the initial process of filling out their application. Use this work permit application form template to create a digital version of Form I-765 and expedite the submission process for applicants.

Reduce paperwork for applicants

Paper forms are tedious, frustrating, and prone to errors. This template can simplify the process by giving applicants a seamless (and more up-to-date) way to complete their applications. Easy-to-use eSignature fields are included so people can sign right on the form without having to worry about printing, faxing, or scanning.

Provide a mobile-friendly experience

Formstack's work permit application form comes mobile-friendly out of the box so applicants can fill out the form from the convenience of their mobile phone or tablet, no matter where they are. You can also give them an easy, paper-free way to complete the form at your office by using the Formstack Go app to set up a tablet kiosk at your front desk.

Streamline the application process

Making sure applications are error-free and filled out completely is critical. Create a digital workflow to let different staff members review submitted applications, add comments, and approve or deny submissions. You'll be able to identify and fix issues faster so applicants can get their form submitted to the USCIS.

Group related forms together

There are other forms applicants may need to fill out in addition to Form I-765. Use Formstack's Portals tool to group this work permit application form with related forms. This will provide applicants with a one-stop shop for all their applications, and give your team an easier way to provide guidance and feedback.

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